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Population Biology Graduate Group

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Lanyu Island off the coast of southern Taiwan. Photo courtesy of Sarah Signor. Sarah is the recipient of the East Asia and Pacific Summer Institutes Fellowship.

UC Davis Funding Resources

UC Davis provides a variety of student fellowship and employment opportunities throughout the year. The information to follow will outline the three most common types of student employment along with descriptions of their financial benefits.

UC Davis Internal Fellowship Opportunities

Every year, UC Davis provides new and continuing graduate students the opportunity to apply for a variety of fellowships through the UC Davis Internal Fellowship Application. The application for AY10-11 is now open. Please remember to comply with the deadline of your graduate group which may be earlier than the general campus deadline.

Your graduate program will also provide various e-mail announcements throughout the year as internal funding opportunities become available.

NSF REACH IGERT (Responding to Rapid Environmental Change):

Interested in studying interdisciplinary responses to rapid environmental change? The REACH IGERT at UC Davis trains students in collaborative research that combines the natural and social sciences to address problems caused by human-mediated environmental change. For more information, please see

Teaching Assistantships and Readership

Teaching Assistants (TAs) and Readers are full-time graduate students hired to perform a variety of classroom and/or administrative related services under the supervision of a lead instructor.

Benefits of Employment:   Stipend, fee remission (less local fees), health insurance, interaction with subject matter experts, and the opportunity to engage undergraduate students in one of the leading teaching and research environments within the UC System.

Please note that TAship and Readership do not cover non-resident tuition.

Departments on campus have their own protocols for announcing TA and Reader opportunities. Not all departments advertise their vacancies. Furthermore, many departments hire from within their own majors first before announcing vacancies to the campus. If you are unable to find specific website information for a department you would like to TA for, consider calling the departments of interest and asking for information on TA and Reader opportunities. The General Catalogue provides the full campus listing of departments and their courses along with the main phone number of each department. When calling a department, prepare yourself to answer questions regarding your academic achievement in that field. This is also important when completing an application. For additional tools, please visit our EVE/TA website.

Graduate Student Researcher

A Graduate Student Researcher (GSR) is a full-time graduate student hired to perform a variety of research related activities in a professor's lab, field site, or other defined research locations.

Benefits of Employment:   Stipend, fee remission, health insurance, interaction with subject matter experts, and the opportunity to gain valuable lab and field research skills.

How to Apply: GSR positions are more "word of mouth". Professors looking to hire GSRs will generally initiate the search first working from within the lab and moving outward to departments and graduate groups with students of appropriate background. You will also want to look at the UC Davis Student Employment website.

What's the difference between a GSR Fellowship and a GSR appointment from faculty?
A GSR Fellowship is a funding source that supports you and your research. It will cover your in-state fee remission and pay you a monthly stipend (living allowance). A faculty provided GSR appointment requires you to work on a faculty's research project. Example: Your faculty has a NSF grant. He wants to hire you as a GSR on the grant. If you accept, the grant will cover your in-state fee remission and pay a monthly stipend while you perform work in support of the grant.

Please note that some GSR fellowships and appointments do cover non-resident tuition though many do not. This is particularly important for international students and domestic students who can not claim California residency.


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Campus Resources

Office Graduate Studies (OGS): Graduate Student Appointments (aka employment)

Teaching Assistant/Reader: Frequently Asked Questions (from our EVE website)

UC Davis: Internship and Career Center

UC Davis: Sponsored Programs Search for Funding (Note: Graduate students interested in funding opportunities may need to have their Major Professor as the Principal Investigator (P.I.) or collaborator to secure funding.)

UC Davis/NIH: Initiative for Maximizing Student Diversity

College of Biological Sciences (CBS): Graduate Training Grants

OGS: Graduate Student Travel Awards

Graduate Student Association (GSA) Travel Awards for Professional Meetings


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