Stachowicz Lab University of California, Davis

Links of Interest

UC Davis Affiliated Resources
UC Davis
Bodega Marine Laboratory
UC Davis Center for Population Biology
UC Davis IGERT in Biological Invasions
BML Climate Change Homepage

Invertebrate Zoology
Invertebrate Songs
The Ascidian News
The Other 95%

Invasive Species
Nonindigenous Species Database Metasearch
Invasive Species Information Node
Aquatic Invasions Research Database
Nonindigenous Aquatic Species
Didemnum vexillum home page

Resources for Scientific Computing and Ecology
The R Project for Statistical Computing - open source flexible stats software. We all use it.
A Quick and (Very) Dirty Intro to Doing Your Statistics in R by former lab member Jarrett Byrnes
GNU Octave - an open source MATLAB replacement.
The Fink Project - UNIX applications for OSX computers